8 Retail Packaging Options

The top packaging solutions for retail and mail.

Number 1 – The luxury or rigid cardboard box.

Most people who select these packages for retail and e-commerce packaging do so because they want to expose their clients to luxuriously rigid cardboard box. They choose them because they are great for packaging things like electronics and chocolates – and can be decorated extensively.
They can also be used to store things like coffee, however the coffee is usually always stored in a, additional side gusset bag (inside the cardboard box). These boxes are made from composite ‘card’ material that is 4 times thicker than the average cardboard. This type of packaging is considered the most expensive of the packaging types but it does look very luxurious and if your product is expensive and the packaging may well help and it’s sale if you were to purchase these online they generally go for between 3 and $5 per unit or up to $30 for an expensive leather-bound unit.

Number 2 – Plastic boxes.

Plastic boxes have been around for a long time and they’re used widely in different Industries. Sharper things such as paper clips or nails, badges and ceramics are stored in plastic containers, essentially anything that is a little sharp – that you would fear ‘stabbing through’ the container. These things are stored in plastic as they generally can not stab through a plastic container.

Number 3 – The Gusset Bag.

Gusset bags can be vacuum sealed this is why they are popular to store things such as coffee tea and baking equipment things like flour- a ‘side gusset’ bag can create a dense environment within the package and it helps maintain both the flavor of the product and provides a layer of protection from oxygen and external bacteria and therefore are great for food packaging – learn more about food packaging options here. They’re very popular among bedding and clothing manufacturers because they provide an airtight seal keeping out animals like mice and moths (that have developed a taste for things like wool and cotton. Because oxygen can be kept outside of the container these bags are used to store things that need a long shelf life (as it protects the food product from oxidation) like foods.

Number 4 – Poly Plastic Bags

One of the cheapest forms of packaging a polyurethane plastic bags made out of a thin plastic filler material and they used for storing things like dry chemicals, foods, flour and sometimes magazines and paper. Poly bags have become a very common and popular choice for product packaging as they are extremely cheap and easy to produce they can be fully customized provide extra protection for products with a locking in feature and an upside to polyurethane packaging is that the seal is created by a heated mold meaning that the size and shape of the bag can vary depending on the manufacturer or the clients needs. For instance you can create very long narrow bags to store pasta or short wide bags to store rice. You can also create custom bags that are made for stacking, this is not something that can be done with the majority of other packaging forms.
Additionally poly bags can be used for vacuum storage.

Number 5 – Paper Bags

Paper bags have become a favourite choice amongst packaging companies as they can be flat packed and shipped anywhere in the world the only really equipment used in creating paper bags are guilloteens to cut the paper form and glue to weld the paper edges together a paper bag is essentially one or two large sheets of paper that have been glued together at the seams forming a package these are extremely handy and biodegradable and her favourite amongst environmentally minded producers. as paper bags can be printed on their extremely customisable and friendly for the environment these are a preferred form of packaging however they are seen as somewhat luxurious over a basic plastic bag.

Number 6 – Plastic Bottle and Cap Packaging

Plastic Bottle and Cap packaging has become extremely popular amongst the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Liquids and tablets can be very very small and getting a container that is made custom for them can be extremely expensive, considering the additional packaging that is usually required in order to fill the space within the container if dosing is not standardized. Luckily plastic bottles can be a very affordable option when purchased in bulk – they are re-usable small and the individual package is an extremely strong alternative to glass. They can also be stacked which makes them very useful in large container warehouses.

Number 7 – Corrugated cardboard boxes

The most common form of packaging is made from corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are typically used for shipping things like shoes and clothing (items that are large, but can handle some crushing without extensive damage. They are also used for storage. They become a very popular option for e-commerce and product packaging as many subscription or mailbox box is typically used corrugated materials to keep a product from getting damaged during shipping but still maintain the design and sophistication and structure of the original packaging and the brand that attracts customers Kodi boxes are completely customisable much like cardboard boxes although they have a higher degree of durability there are still very cost-effective to anyone looking for packaging that will still work in a retail space but double as a shipping package.

Number 8 – Paperboard boxes

One of the most popular choices among product packaging providers / consumers is paperboard boxes and this is because of it’s extreme customization options – it is the very customization of materials, shape, style and printing and you can still keep costs relatively low. It is very lightweight and somewhat durable – it can be cut on any surface allowing for a wide range of flexibility of design. Paperboard comes in different grades allowing for different types of packaging strength and durability. This act as a precursor to luxury hard cardboard boxes – the difference is that these boxes are 1/4 the strength of an average luxury cardboard box. A reasonable price for a folded cardboard box ranges from $0.30 to $0.60 per unit however cost can increase if additional customization is required