Top 5 e-commerce packaging trends of 2021

2021 Is a Unique
e-commerce packaging experience

It’s that time of year again, and the year 2022 is drawing nearer. Since I wrote an essay last year outlining my internet shopping containers predictions for 2021, no one could have predicted a year like 2020, even though we were correct on a number of things.

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Seriously, the Covid environment and global reaction fundamentally impacted the lives of a vast number of individuals and businesses, with some of those changes obviously beneficial and others unquestionably detrimental. Search Engine Optimisation agencies are in high demand

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In my opinion (the opinion of the writer is not the opinion of the publication), some of the most important changes that have occurred in e-commerce over the last year have been related to it’s packaging, and how this has affected consumer buying patterns.

If you think about how many of your purchases during COVID lockdown were done online, just in the retail space. How often did you not order the thing you wanted online?

Some of these dependency behaviors will continue to exist in the future and for many years to come – ecommerce container production allows users to be more serious about their purchases if they want to replicate the feeling of surprise and discovery in the retail world. Well made, and considered ecommerce packaging creates replicates that experience.

So, with that in mind, we have decided to take our combined  75 years of business experience in the e-commerce industry and put them to use in the world of hacking, packing, wrapping, waxing and stamping to see how far we could get on the biggest social media platform through content marketing. We decided to try our hand at Product Packaging Design .

The biggest current packaging design trend in ecommerce shopping (seen predominantly in South Africa) may also indicate that buyers are having difficulty retaining jobs, the economy is suffering and shoppers have less money to spend, thereby seeking to cut out the retail middle man and getting their product from the source from places like AliBaBa and AliDirect. Below is a clip we found online that may have a slightly different take on reality

In the case of a rapid vaccination deployment, however, more customers may feel comfortable returning to the workforce, which will also lead to an increase of buying in person and online purchasing may once again decline – however if there is one thing that customer experience has shown us about our potential customers it is that they prefer convenience over effort.

In light of the fact that there are still many unknowns, and that much will depend on specific countries and how they manage things, We would like to discuss 8 trends we see occurring for e-commerce packaging companies in 2022, These are listed in no particular order.

  • Sustainability, minimizing environmental impact and making use of recycling – or reuse as a function of the packaging
  • Personalization, both of the product, the packaging and the service provided – Our expectations are high, and a cost effective method of creating a relationship is by personalizing the package sent out.
  • Overnight Delivery – We have always been an instant gratification nation, now its possible.
  • Optimizing for Voice Assistance and voice assisted search.
  • Financing Options for Orders
    • AS A BONUS 
  • Tuning content for social media sharescustomized bubble bags etc

These are larger themes that we see occurring for e-commerce companies as a whole – not specific to online shopping, but surrounding the wide range of ecommerce platforms that are either in operation right now, or shortly will be.


Companies who are devoted to sustainability, which includes a variety of various elements, are the first trend I’d like to point out. Consumers are becoming more aware of the procedures by which goods are created and manufactured, as well as the impact these procedures have on the environment. RollsPack and REDcycle in Australia transform recycled plastic into playground floor mats.

While fast fashion businesses continue to operate and provide low-cost goods, there has been a noteworthy rise in searches for subjects that are linked to sustainability, as well as for influencers and brands that place a strong focus on sustainability.

Amazon has committed to attaining net zero carbon emissions across all of its services by the year 2040, with a specific focus on Amazon Prime.

In order to implement sustainability into your company, as you can see, there are a variety of options available. Millennial clientele, in particular, are seeking for companies that place a high priority on sustainability.

Overnight Delivery

Consumers have become used to Amazon’s two-day shipping policy, and imposing much longer delivery timeframes is a certain way to irritate them and produce a deluge of customer care messages.

image of airoplane with text 'overnight' displayed as overlay

Historically, one of the most major drawbacks of drop shipping operations has been the length of time it takes for customers to receive their orders, which may range from two to six weeks.


Examine techniques that will help your customers feel noticed and unique, such as sending more frequent emails about their purchases, enhancing packaging that provides the appearance of receiving a gift in the mail, or putting a handwritten thank you card with the delivery.

This trend is one that we predicted for 2021 to continue, as shown by the fact that Indeed, more and more individuals are looking forward to it and actively pursuing it these days. In the example above, brands are making use of the bell curve, and what ‘most people’ want. It is an impersonal way of creating a personal relationship with a segment of the population.

Let’s face it, people love themselves and want nothing more than to hear their names said, to see their picture, and to have their favorite colors chosen for them. Personalization is being used in a variety of ways right now, including customized hair treatments and vitamins, bespoke t-shirts and socks featuring your face or the face of your pet, and even major corporations like Nike are getting in on the act by allowing you to completely design your own sneakers.

Because personalization is advantageous for both gift-giving and buying for one’s own needs, this trend is likely to continue. It is simple to develop personalized items for your ecommerce business by using print on demand (POD) items and working with a supplier as well as Shopify tools such as Printful or Printfy.

You may provide configurable fields on your product page, which purchasers may use to modify the colors of the product. Having customized your product with a name or a photograph, you or your designer may modify the product template and send it to your chosen print-on demand supplier, who will then print and mail it to you at no additional cost. It’s an easy technique, and the greatest part is that you don’t have to keep any inventory since it’s only manufactured and delivered when an order is placed.

Voice Assisted Shopping

Shopping with Alexa or Google Assistant is simple and convenient. By 2022, it is anticipated that the number of people who use Google Home and other voice-activated personal assistants will approach 40 billion, which means you should start preparing your website now for improved accessibility and search capabilities via speech.

How do you go about doing this? In order to begin, consider how customers will engage with this feature.

For example, while searching for a Mexican restaurant in Nashville, we often use two to three words, such as mexican restaurant. In contrast, when we use a voice assistant, we are more natural in our questions and ask them in a more natural manner, such as what are the best Mexican restaurants in my area with free wifi.

While I recognize that a lot has been addressed in this article, please bear with me since we still have four more things to discuss in 2021.

The Fifth trend is to provide financing for your customers’ orders.

You can break a client’s purchase down into weekly or monthly payments by incorporating square-pay or similar systems into your company and its e-commerce payment platform.

The best part is that you still get paid in full up front – the relationship is between you and the service, as is the relationship with the shopper, it is between them and the service, the customer is the one who pays the difference.

For both business and personal expenses, such as a new gaming PC and a new mattress, I use this credit card. However, it may be utilized on any transaction above $35 and is a wonderful addition to your company since it supports customers in breaking down large purchases.

In the event that you’re interested in learning more about square-pay and how to integrate it with your internet company, we can discuss it in an upcoming article.

Tuning Content for Social Media Shares

As a result of so many customers being forced to adjust to the concept of buying products online that they were previously unfamiliar with, we’ve seen a surge in companies concentrating on high-quality photographs for their website and social media. Because you will seem untrustworthy if your things have a bad reputation, potential purchasers will be less likely to trust you if your things have a bad reputation.

You should emphasize making your website and social media profiles as visually appealing as possible to convince your customers that you are not a hoax since design is so important.

To do this, ordering samples of your products and shooting yourself at home, either as flatlays against a designed background or as a model, is a great strategy to use.

Additional resources include placeit, which hosts my designs on their collection of high-quality photos, and, a free online design tool that allows you to add text and other effects to your social network pics.